From ‘IP MAN 3’, see the spirit of Chinese Kung Fu master

Updated: March 28, 2016

Since the release of Chinese action movies 'IP MAN 3’ which starring Donnie Yen and Lynn hung, the film has set off great waves in entertainment circle.


As the first continuous one-day breaking billion of film since the beginning of the spring in 2016, IP MAN has created two records about the box office of Chinese kung fu movies.


From the reviews of the movie fans, IP MAN 3 has received lots of favorable comments and even there are many people who are good (profound) at writing skills has written the long film reviews in Mtime, Douban community, it expressed that although the text of the film is a little weak, but the action part is absolutely world class, the martial arts choreographer of this film woo-ping Yuan really had a well-deserved reputation and the Donnie Yen’s acting portrays the master style of IP MAN – a humble, kind, unyielding Chinese person.


Most people who have seen IP MAN 3 giving the feedback, said it's s truly great ‘family’ film, and it is more suitable for the whole family to watch because there was not any bad shots from beginning to end of the film.


The director of IP MAN 3 Wilson Yip is a refined and delicate person, he is finely crafted to treat each frame lenses. This is also why IP MAN 3 can get overseas box office champion.


The theme of IP MAN 3 is ‘Fighting for Life’. In the film IP MAN 3, the protagonist return to the common humanity behind a master, protecting school, caring the children, beating off the rogue and keeping the peace, he brings a positive attitude to life and learning through the interaction with his wife, children, neighbors, apprentice, biconditional gate brothers, colleagues.


The film could deeply make people to feel the thoughts and insights to life. It describes the human touch behind the Heroes, up to a certain extent; it also reflects the epitome of the ideal personality in China.


On one side is the challenge of the “authentic Wing Chun”, on the other side is his wife with a terminal illness. Selecting the response or accompany, the answer is self-evident at the later stage of the film, actually, the original intention of the martial arts is to protect the people you loved.




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