Overseas box office of “IP Man 3” has achieved huge success, the film will release in mainland China in March, 2016

Updated: February 23, 2016

Director: Wilson Yip

Produced by: Raymond Wong

Written by: Edmond Wong

Main Cast: Donnie Yen, Mike Tyson, Zhang Jin, Lynn Hung, Danny Chan


“Ip Man 3” is a 2015 Hong Kong biographical martial arts film which was directed by Wilson Yip, It is the third in the Ip Man film series based on the life of the Wing Chun grandmaster Yip Man.


The film was officially released in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia on 24th December 2015. It opened in Taiwan on 31 December 2015, New Zealand and United Kingdom on 15 January 2016. It was released in the US on 22 January 2016, and would be released in mainland China on 4 March 2016.


The movie also stars Mike Tyson, the former boxing champ who will jump on board the ”Ip Man 3” for a "significant role" that could likely lead to an "explosive" fight between Tyson and Donnie Yen that will pit the discipline of boxing against kung-fu, it will become the most noticeable focus in the film.


As of February 20th, 2016, the global box office of “Ip Man 3” has exceeded $35 million (approximately 240 million yuan), and it has won the 2015 overseas box office champion (not including the Mainland ), the film even broke the Chinese film history recording in the South- East Asia. It also became the fourth Chinese-language film which achieved more than $60 million Box office in the Hong Kong Movie history.


The film has received eight Hong Kong Film Award nominations which included Best Film, Best Director and Best Action Choreography. Moreover, in the Official Bulletin of Asian Film Awards which were announced on February 3rd, the film also received Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Art Direction nominations.


Kung fu movies is always the brightest flagship of the Chinese film, the film “Ip Man 3” would also be graced by one of the real life Wing Chun grandmaster Yip Man’s former students in the late, great Bruce Lee, who has carried Chinese Kung Fu movies forward into every corner of the world.




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