The Hong Kong Film Awards is about to be announced, ‘IP MAN 3’ received eight nominations

Updated: March 24, 2016

The 35th Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony will be held on April 3 at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre, in a released shortlist, the hot IP MAN 3 received eight nominations for Best Film, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best cinematography, Best Editing, Best Action Design, Best Sound Effects, Best Visual Effects. What is worth mentioning, it was also the director Wilson Yip’s third times to be nominated for Best Director with the ‘IP Man’ series films.

There is no doubt that ‘IP Man’ series films had the special significance for Wilson Yip, but whether Wilson Yip can successfully get the 35th Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Director by the film IP MAN 3, it also has become the biggest expectation of fans.


Career Peak-- The significance extraordinary of IP Man series films.


Wilson Yip, born in Hong Kong, China, is a Hong Kong actor, filmmaker and screenwriter. In 1985 Wilson YIP began his career in film works behind the scenes and he made his debut as a film director in 1995, Actually, Wilson Yip started in the film field is at the Golden Age of Hong Kong films, After 2000, the best Hong Kong Kung Fu movies are all directed by Wilson Yip. The ‘SPL: ShaPoLang’ which released in 2005 made the fans to see the high quality of Hong Kong kung fu film which had disappeared for several years. In 2007, the design of MMA fighting actions has become the biggest selling points in the film ‘Flash Point’. After that, Wilson Yip stared the ‘IP Man ‘series, the ‘IP Man’ series is undoubtedly the most successful film for Wilson Yip in recent years. Today, IP MAN 3 has gotten win-win situation at both Box Office and public praise all over the world.


Gold partner--Wilson Yip created a new peak of kung fu movies together with Donnie Yen


‘IP Man’ series created a new peak of kung fu movies, and also created a new style of Hong Kong kung fu movie, its special style of martial arts has won the legions of loyal fans. When talking about the cooperation with Donnie Yen, Wilson Yip said that they worked very in tune and also very happy together, Donnie yen’s performance in IP MAN 3 was more and more progressive and mature, and his attitude of constant pursuit of innovation to the Action design also made him very appreciated and admired


Actually, shooting the third film of IP MAN series again after 6 years, the director Wilson Yip said he faced very great pressure, for the IP MAN series, the first one is about survival, the second one is about living, and the third one is about life.


The first two films of IP MAN serious flourished in the Hong Kong Film Awards and have won a number of awards, but it was a little pity that Wilson Yip didn't get the prize as a director, for this, Wilson Yip said he could indifferently accepted this result because he thought that award is not relevant to the quality of the film.




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