Expecting the performance of Indian actress Amyra Dastur in Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Yoga

Updated: March 2, 2016

As an upcoming multi-lingual action-adventure film, Kung Fu Yoga has also been favoured by both domestic and foreign media, it is reported, the film is scheduled for release in the fall of 2016.


This film is Chinese-Indian co-production film, so besides starring the Chinese superstar Jackie Chan and Aarif Rahman, there are also Indian leading stars included Amyra Dastur, Sonu Sood, and Amyra Dastur.


In this movie, you can see the actress performing some amazing action scenes, recently, Bollywood star Amyra Dastur, the leading lady of the movie “Kung Fu Yoga” was busy shooting for this much anticipated cross-cultural and multi-language movie.


Reportedly, Amyra Dastur was in Iceland for the film shot under extreme weather conditions for an important scene, though the current temperature was very low, she must train on ice for a big action sequence which was to be filmed between her and Jackie Chan. Though it was difficult to perform stunts and move her body, Amyra did not give up and continued to train.

While Amyra was shooting, Jackie Chan was also by Amyra’s side and kept on encouraging her throughout the shoot.


In a recent interview, Amyra Dastur told the reporter, she felt extreme fun when she shot with Super Jackie Chan, she said that Chan was like a kid sometimes, but he also always encouraged her when he wasn’t shooting. Amyra Dastur also said that Jackie Chan was a respectable man, when she did a few acts wrong, Jackie would correct her, she was hugely looking forward to the next cooperation with Jackie Chan.




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