Jackie Chan’s Evaluation to the ‘Kung Fu Yoga’: Fusion of Yoga and Kung Fu, the Coolest Movie

Updated: September 1, 2016

The movie "Kung Fu Yoga" has reportedly completed all shooting in Dubai, Beijing, India and other places, the film was directed by Stanley Tong and is slated to hit theaters later this year. "Kung Fu Yoga" was starred by Jackie Chan in the lead alongside a slew of other actors including Sonu Sood, Jain kumar, Aarif Rahman, Disha Patani, and Amyra Dastur.


The movie basically revolves around a professor of archaeology who collaborates with an Indian professor to find India's lost treasure in Tibet.


Jackie Chan once attended the Shanghai Film Festival and showed the audiences four of his new movies in the next years, including the film ‘Skiptrace’ which had been released in July this years;

‘Railroad Tigers’; ‘Kung fu yoga’ and ‘The Foreign’


Jackie Chan expressed that the movie ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ was the coolest and best movie in the four movies, it was the third time for Jackie Chan and the director Stanley Tong to cooperate after the movie ‘Rumble in the Bronx’ and ‘Chinese Zodiac’, Jackie Chan evaluated this film as “Most Humorous, Most Exciting and Best Fighting”.


Actually, filming the Comedy Movies in India could be summarized as: Limo, Curry and Indian dance, Jackie Chan said he always had a dream of the classical Indian dance. Allegedly, Jackie Chan specifically studying yoga and Indian dance for the movie ‘Kung Fu Yoga’, and his dance will be performed on all segments.


Recently, the ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ team held a fan meeting, with a popular theme and cast, the director Stanley Tong expressed that he was quite confident about the box office. The birth of the film was based on the cultural policies all the way around, finding a view around the China, India, Dubai, Iceland and other countries, it lasted three years for preparing and filming

The Main actors and actresses of ‘Kung Fu Yoga’.




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