The film “Kung Fu Panda 3” combined with China traditional features has been a huge success in China

By Xuxiaoxin | Updated: February 22, 2016

As one of the most anticipated movies in 2016, "Kung Fu Panda 3" has received the widespread high praise from the public since it released on January 29th. The strong Chinese elements and sophisticated production values have captured the hearts of the audience all over the world.


"Kung Fu Panda 3" is a 3D American-Chinese computer-animated action comedy film and it is a sequel to the film Kung Fu Panda 2, it had a bigger opening weekend in China than in the U.S. and Canada. As of February 16, 2016, it has grossed over $263 million worldwide.


As people know, "Kung Ku Panda 3" has two language versions, one in English and one in Chinese, they were both written and animated from the ground up, so that the dialog's humor suits cultural sensibilities on each side, while the characters' speech is in synch with the animation in both languages.

The "Kung Fu Panda 3" is notable for its unique aesthetic, blending traditional styles of Chinese art with modern animation, it has truly achieved "China Customized ", the Chinese version of the film where the characters’ mouths and body match the nuances of that language. Also, the aspects of Chinese culture including food, clothing and hairstyles were accurately represented.


The film has a star-studded voice cast, it features the voices of Jack Black, Bryan Cranston, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, J. K. Simmons, Seth Rogen, David Cross, Kate Hudson, James Hong and some Chinese actorS such as Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, Jay Chou, Zi-Rui Guo, Lei Huang, Bai-he Bai, Mi Yang and so on.

In "Kung Fu panda 1" and 2, one “Po” had lighten up everyone's eyes, but in "Kung Fu panda 3", you can image how a bunch of cute pandas give you the strong visual impact, Dragon warrior “Po”still retains childlike innocence, playing bubble baths, the little pandas charmingly naïve…….


As visual effects, will have to mention the animation of the film, really standout, the film had tried to avoid excessive use of animations which do not bring any real usability value. The action scenes move across the screen with a sense of choreographed dynamism and grace. The hand to hand combat scenes are really cool as the animators do a great job highlighting certain species specific characteristics of the different warriors.

"Kung Fu Panda 3" is a highly entertaining film from start to finish, it was loved immensely by children, but the jokes in the films also make the parents laugh. Because of this, this film is actually one of those films that can truly be called a family film.




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