The Music in “Kung Fu Panda 3”, the Core of the Chinese Traditional Music

Updated: February 22, 2016

“Kung Fu Panda3 was the most successful Chinese animation of Hollywood, In addition to the story, scene, mood, and Kung Fu, the music in this film was also full of Chinese flavor, actually, it attributed to the German composer Hans Zimmer who had been living in the United States for many years.


Since Hans Zimmer stepped into the film scores field in 1980s, he had compose music for more than 120 movies such as “The Last Emperor”, “Rain Man”, “The Lion King”, “Mission Impossible” “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Inception”, “Interstellar”, The Kung Fu Panda trilogy was also one of his representative work, it was reported, Hans Zimmer won 1 Oscar, Golden Globe twice, three times Grammy Awards, American Music Awards 1, 1 Tony Award.


Netease Entertainment reported that Sony Classical had released the world’s “Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie Music” digital album and the real CD in January 22, 2016. Team in the history of film music can be described as the most luxurious soundtrack lineup.


Because the DreamWorks paid great attention to Chinese market, the famous cellist Jian Wang and pianist Lang Lang were also invited to join the Kung Fu Panda3’s music recordings by DreamWorks Animation Company. Pop singer Jay Chou sang the theme song for the much-anticipated animated feature "Kung Fu Panda 3".


In fact, the music recording of Kung fu Panda 3 had several procedures, it was different from the ordinary imagination.


According to what Wang (cellist Jian Wang) said, the DreamWorks found Wang for the cooperation in September last year, and the company hoped Wang could fly to United States for the music recordings, but for some reasons, the music recording was changed to place in Shanghai. At that time, the company specifically sent 3 recording engineers to Shanghai, renting a sound-recording studio, the Producers use video telephone JIT monitoring the recording scene, Wang completed his part of the recording in this sound-recording studio.


Wang explained that after Hans Zimmer finished the arranger, the related department base on the form of electronic music and used the computer software to simulate and play the parts of all musical instruments, with the rhythm and beat, the music performers based on this again, added his own music into the melody, replaced the original electronic version.


Eventually, the symphonic version played by the real people was much nicer than electronic versions and also had the human touch.


When the “Kung Fu Panda3” premiered in Shanghai in January this year, Wang was also invited to watch the film, he said, the movie had its own story, the vision was important, but the music also played with the effect of the finishing touch at a critical time, it could show the emotion in the shortest time. In “Kung Fu panda 3”, Hans Zimmer's use of Chinese folk music is very innovative. The music of Kung Fu Panda3 Trilogy by Hans Zimmer has a strong smell of China. It seems to Wang, the folk music instrument's expressive force in kung fu panda 3 never lost to the Western musical instrument, because every instrument had its own color.




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