The shooting places of Kung Fu Panda3 hit the internet recently, attracting a lot of people to visit

Updated: April 6, 2016

Kung Fu Panda 3 has been released on 29th, January 2016 all over the world, it was reported, this Hollywood blockbuster which full of Chinese elements has created very successful box office records.


The movie also made its shoot places- Qingcheng mountain-Dujiangyan scenic spot heating up once again, according to the people familiar with the matter said, before shooting the film, the director Jennifer Yuh Nelson had led the Hollywood team collecting folk songs in Si Chuan Province, the director expressed that the inspiration of Panda village was from the fieldwork in Qingcheng Mountain. In recent days, the Qingcheng mountain-Dujiangyan scenic spot in 'Kung Fu Panda 3' was sought-after and concerned by tourists from all over the world.


Location one-Valley of Peace.


In the film, Po and his Daddy were living in the valley of peace, and also Po’ friends and master linving there, a large part of the film was completed in this place, the prototype of the valley of peace was the entrance of Qingcheng Mountain.


The only panda who was at the same age with Po called Meimei, Po taught her Kung fu among the peach trees and this inspiration was derived from the peach trees in Dujiangyan, in March every year, the Peach blossom was in full blossom, the scenery was so spectacular……


In the film, Po’s Daddy took Po back to the mysterious Panda village and if they wanted to arrive in the Panda village, they had to be across a bridge, this bridge was the Alan Rope Bridge in Dujiangyan.


Why does choose Sichuan province as the shooting place of kung fu panda 3? The director told the reporter, Sichuan is not only the habitat of the giant panda where they can easily take a wealth of material of panda, but also the good ecosystem and vibrant colors of the Qingshan Mountain most appeals to them.


The number of the wild giant pandas in Dujiangyan city has increased from 6 to 14, so, actually, the city is the real version of "Panda village", there are many Panda babies in the Kung Fu Panda3 and this scene is often staged in the Panda village of Dujiangyan city.




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