Bruce Lee: a very simple person in his wife’s eyes

Updated: June 8, 2016

As the wife of Bruce Lee, Linda once said she was lucky to be the wife of Bruce Lee and also it was the most important part of her life, since Bruce Lee broke into her life, he mucked up her pace of life, she was totally changed by Bruce Lee’s personal beliefs, habits, the way of thinking and ideal.


Many people may think Bruce Lee was a very complicated person and also felt that he was a stolid and unapproachable person, but this is not true, the real Bruce Lee was a very simple person, his lifestyle was simple, his idea was simple, the aim of martial arts he advocated was also very simple, He didn't like to make very simple problem become very complicated.


Saying he was a simple man, because he knew what he need to do and what will do in the future, in his heart, he already had a goal, and then, just unswervingly follow his own goals. Bruce Lee had a lot of foreign friends because of his nice personality, His way of making friends was just right for the American character, straightforward and sincere, that was also why there were so many important friends to help him to finish his ideal.


The way of dating between Linda and Bruce was very simple, the way of their marriage was very simple and treating love was also very simple, Linda met Bruce Lee was in her university, at that time, Bruce Lee liked to exercise his martial arts in the playground and Linda liked to watched him in silence, it may be a God's arrangement, they met and married, simple and nice!


Their wedding was also very simple, without a wedding dress, wedding banquet and even a wedding ring, not announced in advance, but what moved Linda was that Bruce Lee told her:” maybe I couldn’t give you anything now, but I will give you a perfect wedding dress, wedding banquet and wedding ring in the future.” And he certainly achieved that.


Seen from these simple things, his view of love, life style, career ambitions seem to be so simple, but behind “, these simple”, he had to pay how much efforts. Because Bruce Lee was very simple, so he's very optimistic, so although it was so difficult when he first arrived in the US, he was not intimidated and got through tough times, so, in Linda’s heart, Bruce Lee was simple, but he was also “not simple”.






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