Some secrets of Bruce Lee, get into his world and try to understand what he is about

Updated: March 30, 2016

As we know, the great Kung Fu King Bruce Lee died in 1973, it has been almost 42 years now, although he died many years, he is still one of heroes in the heart of people all around the world.


But there are still some things that even loyal fans may not know much about it, the following are some secrets of Bruce Lee which can let us know more about this Kung Fu superstar.


Bruce Lee’s father was a famous Yue Opera star, so Bruce Lee had played many movies when he was young.


In 1970s, Bruce Lee promoted the martial arts to the highest level through the film, and let the American be crazy about the Chinese Kung Fu.


At that time, some martial arts were briefly past in the film, but Bruce Lee was the opposite. He was too fleet-footed to catch by the photography techniques, so he must deliberately slow down so that you could clearly see every move he made.

In 2012, there were some pesky Seagulls gathered in the San Francisco parks, but a Red-tailed Hawk scared Seagulls away, then the Red-tailed Hawk was named as Bruce Lee.


Before Bruce Lee completed his last movie ‘The Game of Death’, he died, nevertheless, his funeral scene was put in the movie.

The Mixed Martial Arts is very popular in nowadays, it advocated training people to a full range of body functions, such as muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance and the flexibility. Bruce Lee was also one of the martial arts experts who brought up this trend.


The following photo was taken in the film ‘The Big Boss’, It was the deleted scenes because it was too violent.


The Liu Kang in the game ‘Mortal Kombat’, the Law in the game ‘Tekken’, the Fei Long in the gameStreet Fighter’ all regarded Bruce Lee as the prototype.


Bruce Lee had very poor eyesight, though contact lens was a new technology product at that time and Bruce Lee also tried to wear it. But the contact lenses was really too uncomfortable for him, so he wear the Thick-framed glasses at most of the time.


In 1970, Bruce Lee was hurt at his back when he lifting weight, his doctor told him that he could no longer do the kick action. But, what the doctor said was wrong, most famous movies of Bruce Lee were taken after 1970 years.


The Karate World champion Chuck Norris admitted that he would lose if he fight with Bruce Lee.


Lee could do the push-ups by using two fingers of only one hand.


The budget of the film ‘Enter the Dragon’ was only $600,000, but the box office of this film was much more than $300 million.


Jackie Chan played a nobody who was defeated by Bruce Lee in the film ‘Enter the Dragon’.




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