The big difference of evaluation about Bruce Lee between the Chinese and foreigners

Updated: May 18, 2016

Bruce Lee had made two monuments in both martial arts field and movie field that people cannot go beyond, although Bruce Lee had left us for decades, his deeds, spirit would live in the heart of us forever, Bruce Lee created Jeet Kune Do and also created his own fighting system, so many pundits believed that he was the founder of MMA.

Furthermore, the box office of his action films was really a ‘astronomical figure’ at that time. Bruce Lee was a great person as we know, but actually, the evaluation about him between the Chinese and foreigners was really very different.


How do the foreigners evaluate Bruce Lee? Actually, many of these foreigners are famous martial artist and celebrities, they would not evaluate Bruce Lee with any special emotion, so what they said is objective and authoritative.


For example, the Seven-time World Karate champion Chuck Norris once said:" Bruce Lee is a very 'self' man, he thinks highly of himself, so he often boast his strengths to others, many people don't like his style. But for me, I don’t care, Because I know that this is his personality, whether (it be) right or wrong, I still think he's a strong person and also a conceited man, this is my personal opinion.”


The American karate champion Deere told the magazine ‘Black Belt’:” I can no longer meet a guy like Bruce Lee, he is so fanatic to the martial art, he is very talented, but he also works very hard, so his success also depends on his efforts.


The boxing champion Muhammad Ali once said : " Bruce Lee is a great man, he is the most outstanding person in the martial art field. I really like his martial arts and Bruce Lee had gone beyond his time. ” 


Actually, there are many other world-class champions’ appreciation for Bruce Lee, these people are very aloof, unless they really think you're a strong and tough guy, then, they will give you a rare compliment. Westerners, especially Americans are very practical, so they can also be objective.


But to some Chinese people, they may have very different evaluation to Bruce Lee, At the risk of sounding cold, some Chinese people have a deep-rooted bad habit of jealousy, and also have some inferiority complex to the foreigner, they may think, what make you think that Bruce Lee can win those foreigners because Bruce Lee was actually rather small in stature, so it’s only his luck enough. Precisely because of this, many Chinese people do not understand why Bruce Lee can become the greatest martial artist in most foreign people’s heart.




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