The five private speculation of Bruce Lee's death

Updated: May 27, 2016

Bruce Lee, formerly known as Lee june fan, was born in the United States, but his childhood was spent in Hong Kong. When Bruce Lee was a child, he was very thin and weak, so his father, a Cantonese opera performer, began to teach his son martial arts training to strengthen his body.


So why did so robust Bruce Lee suddenly die? The earliest news report in Hong Kong about Bruce Lee’s death was published like this: the popular kung fu star Bruce Lee suddenly fainted at home at 11:30 yesterday night, and was rushed to Hong Kong Elizabeth Hospital by his wife Linda, but unfortunately, he was certified dead, the hospital was unable to identify the cause of death.


As many people know, Bruce Lee is a legend of Chinese martial arts, and also the pride of Chinese people, he is a hero in many people’s heart, he is perhaps the greatest martial artist of the twentieth century. About Bruce Lee's death, there had always been many different versions. The following are five private speculations of Bruce Lee's death. The public opinions are always divergent and unable to agree on which is right.


1. The Recurrence of injury. Bruce Lee was very crazy to the martial arts, especially when he was young, he liked to battle with other people, so many people think he may have some accumulated injuries, especially to the head.


2. Excessive exercise. This view was from the martial arts circle, they think Bruce Lee had excessive exercise, it could damage his body and even cause death.


3. Abuse of Drugs. Some people said that Bruce Lee had taken the drugs such as some stimulant medications at that day, when he finished practicing Kung Fu, it had drained physical strength largely, so after taking the medicine, he was physically tired and then died.


4. A heart attack or brain attack, when he had a general check-up in Los Angeles. Bruce Lee was diagnosed as that he had a problem in his brain, but he was refused medical attention.


5. The assassination. Rumor has it that Bruce Lee died of a mafia conspiracy, Bruce Lee had offended many people in America and also in Hong Kong’s martial arts circle, The mafia had to signal to Bruce Lee that they will hold him as a star in America, but Bruce Lee refused, later, Bruce Lee wanted his career steps further upstairs, so he decided to develop in European which angered the Mafia and then he was killed.





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