The real reasons for Bruce Lee to seek his fortune in America

Updated: May 6, 2016

Bruce Lee, formerly known as Lee june Fan, was born in 1940 in San Francisco, California, he was a great martial art master, and also the creator of Kung Fu movie and the founder Of Jeet Kune Do, he did not have too much works, but his only 4 films have broken many records.


Actually, Bruce Lee had many friends in Hong Kong, but also had many people that he offended, since he got the intercollegiate boxing champion and ChaCha Champions, his future in Hong Kong was incalculable, although he does not like reading, his family hoped that he could read more books, In his parents’ words, they hoped Bruce Lee could be like his brother Peter Lee (Li Zhongchen) to become a knowledgeable people, but Lee has his own ideas and thoughts, he was only to do two things in his spare time, one was to go to Ip Man’s Wing Chun Training Academy, second was to go to the film crew.


When people are flushed with success, they were prone to be conceited, and also become easy to offend someone close, it’s just in Bruce Lee, but the most important thing was Bruce Lee had the heart of justice, he couldn’t stand the injustice which sowing the troubles for his leaving. We could see from the TV series ’The Legend of Bruce Lee’ that Bruce Lee offended the Hong Kong gangsters, maybe it actually had such reason, but on the other hand, his parents hoped that he move to a new environment, leaving those fair-weather friends and open up a new land.


Bruce Lee was born in America, so he had American citizenship, but initially, Bruce Lee did not agree to go to the United States because it was a strange country for him, but Hong Kong was different , he had many friends in Hong Kong and his family was also in Hong Kong, more importantly, his beloved girlfriend was also in Hong Kong.


So Bruce Lee told to his father that He had confidence to develop very well in Hong Kong, but things in the world always go contrary against your wishes, when he suffered a real emotional deterioration , he changed his thought, when his girlfriend broke up with him, then Bruce Lee decided to go to the United States, this was also another major reason for his leaving.


There was a famous saying is: “When God closes a door, he will open another window for you.” there was no many ”if” in the world, If Bruce Lee had not gone to America to develop, then the martial arts circles in the world might have been changed. So to speak, if there was no Bruce Lee’s trip to the United States, he would not have such brilliant success.




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