The women ever appeared in Bruce Lee’s lifetime, all of them were not simple

Updated: March 31, 2016

As a legend of Chinese martial arts, Bruce Lee is the pride of all Chinese people and also has a great influence on world cinema, without him there may not have the international standing of Chinese Kung Stars such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen and so on, but, for all, this, his untimely death has left fans of the legendary regret.


Actually, in his short life, there are also a lot of women appeared in his lifetime, and to a certain extent, these women may have changed Bruce Lee lives.


The mother of Bruce Lee, she had German ancestry and came from a noble family, we could also say that Bruce Lee had the German ancestry. It is rumored that Bruce Lee’s mother was a very kind woman, thank her, because she brought us a real martial arts master, we need to thank her for raising a real martial arts master.


Linda, the wife of Bruce Lee, American girl, she was also the Martial arts student of Bruce Lee, to follow her husband's career, she gave up her studies at the University of Washington School of Medicine, her look was not outstanding, but she was full of charisma and boldness.


Shannon Lee, the daughter of Bruce Lee, she was only 3 years old when Lee died, after growing up, she inherited his father's career and became a Kung Star in America, she also managed Bruce Lee Foundation with her mother and involved in music circles.


Phoede Lee, the sister of Bruce Lee and always cared for Bruce Lee, her husband was a famous painter and once many times of participating the commemorative activities of Bruce Lee.


Joel, Filipino, she was the prototype of Arroyo in the film ‘The Legend of Bruce Lee’, very beautiful and rich, Joel was Bruce Lee's first girlfriend, she was saved by Bruce Lee who was on the way home, she soon fell in love with Bruce Lee and associated with him, but Bruce Lee always refused her repeatedly forced marriages on grounds of his unsuccessful career, finally, they chose to break up.


Amy, She was a Japanese girl was Bruce Lee's girlfriend when he was in college, but the romance between them did not last long, then for some reason, Bruce Lee and Amy finally broke up.


Louise, a beautiful American girl, her family was prominent and her great-grandfather had been a United States congressman, she met Bruce Lee in a dancing party and then dating with Lee, but Bruce Lee could not accept her lifestyle and values, because of her, Bruce Lee ever swore never to find a foreign girl as a wife, but he still violated his vows at last because he married another American girl Linda.


Ting Pei, she is the ex-wife Charles Heung, Bruce Lee died in her home, as a result, she bear the huge pressure of public opinion, and later she lived in seclusion for many years.


Miss Wang, the specific name was unknown, she was two years younger than Bruce Lee and came from Hong Kong, she was Bruce Lee’s fans, they ever had a brief relationship, but later she married a wealthy American and divorced, Lee maintained the friend relationship for many years with her.





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