Tyson and Donnie Yen’s evaluation to the Super Kung Fu star Bruce Lee

Updated: April 5, 2016

The former heavyweight Mike Tyson and super star Donnie Yen are both well-known martial artist, Tyson used to have a great vogue as a boxer in 80-90s while Donnie Yen more focused on film and television career, recently, the hot movie IP MAN3 which starring the two people has created a successful box office.


Tyson and Donnie Yen had the different evaluation between to the Super Kung Fu Star Bruce Lee?


Speaking of kung fu fighting, the person who have to be mentioned is Bruce Lee, a very famous Kung Fu star, Bruce Lee was a representative figure of Chinese Wushu culture and also an idol of most young people who liked Kung Fu, For Bruce Lee, the estimation outside were different, but in America, the status of Bruce Lee was very high.


Donnie Yen said:” no one can replace Bruce Lee, no matter his success in martial arts field or in kung fu movies field, are both unprecedented. As many people know, Bruce Lee is my idol and I’m also deeply influenced by him, I can only say is that not only my concept of wushu, but also my Kung Fu style are both affected by Bruce Lee, For example, Bruce Lee’s understanding to the highest level of Martial Arts and his fighting styles rhythm in his Kung Fu movies are both obvious.”


Donnie Yen also pointed out that maybe Bruce Lee is not the man whose Kung Fu is best, but his charm has a profound impact on martial arts movies, actually, the action movies, no matter produced in China or in foreign countries, all have Bruce Lee’s shadow, his charm is more than acting.


But Mike Tyson has a different view from Donnie Yen?


Tyson said:” as to Bruce Lee's figure and weight, he is one of the strongest men that I've ever seen, I think he can beat a lot of people who are stronger than him, his performance in the regular game will be very nice, His body weight is very suitable for MMA, his weight do not limit his speed and many referees will hardly up with his speed.”


Actually, Bruce Lee's kung fu was very good and his philosophy and theory were also great, Bruce Lee had a strong nature in philosophy and theory, he was a pioneer of MMA.


At last, Tyson said, Bruce Lee’s philosophy and martial arts are unparalleled, he was very strong, very fast and his acting was the source of widening variety of punches.




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