Valuable old photos of Bruce Lee before he became famous, really very handsome!

Updated: May 13, 2016

As a very famous Kung Fu star, Bruce Lee was a household name across the whole world, but what he was like before he became famous? Maybe only very few people knew, the following were some very valuable old photos of Bruce Lee before he became famous; he was really very handsome from his childhood!


Photo of Bruce Lee with his parents


Bruce Lee’s teenage days, the photo had shown his domineering that beyond his age.


In 1950, when Bruce Lee was 10 years old, he starred in the movie ‘Little Cheung’, you could see his extraordinary skills.


Bruce Lee learned Wing Chun from Ip Man since his childhood.


With the increase in age, Bruce Lee was more handsome.


With his look, he already could be an idol actor.


When Bruce Lee was young, he subdued 4 gangsters who wielding knifes with his bare hands in Chinatown in America, rescuing a Chinese girl, this News had a wide influence at that time.


In 1964, when he was 24 years old, Bruce Lee got an associate's degree Washington University, at the same year, he held a simple wedding with his lover Linda at the University of Washington.


Bruce Lee’s character costume in the film ‘The Green Hornet’.


Lee's influence abroad even bigger than in China, in those days, the information dissemination and communication were still underdeveloped, but still many foreigners knew “China”, “Chinese kung fu” from Bruce Lee, furthermore, the word “Kung Fu” was also written into the English dictionary by Bruce Lee.





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