Donnie Yen first became a “professional photographer” for his wife in the street of Japan

Updated: June 1, 2016

Donnie Yen is best known to most people for starring in the popular Ip Man film series, and also many people know that Donnie Yen is the perfect husband and known for having a reputation for being a loving family man.


The Ip Man star has been married to former beauty queen Cecilia Wang for 13 years and he shared the secret to sustaining the romance: Simply go with whatever his wife says.


Recently, Donnie flies to Japan to attend the relevant shooting activities, in 31st, May, Donnie and his wife Cecilia Wang appeared in the streets of Japan, both of them wear very casual attire, like ordinary tourists.


To give his wife a nice shot, Donnie Yen shows his own style “horse stance”, in the photo, you can see Donnie Yen’s photo-shoot pose is very professional, he expends so much effort only want to take some beautiful photos for his wife. At last, Donnie also shared an " exclusive " Photo tips for his fans.


As we know, Donnie Yen and his wife’s relationship is widely known to be a sweet and loving one although they have been married for 13 years, and Many people were intrigued by how they have managed to remain as loving as if they are still in their honeymoon period.


For this question, Donnie Yen had once shared his thoughts on marriage on his Weibo. He wrote, “True love is the ability to appreciate each other, to forgive each other, and to understand each other. At the same time, both must share the same dreams and directions. Only then will love be everlasting.”




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