Donnie Yen’s popularity seems to be growing by the film ‘Xxx3’, gain a lot of international fans

Updated: June 22, 2016

When it comes to "Kung Fu ", the whole world would admire this most valuable treasure of China. The Kung fu movies not only commandeered a considerable market in China, but also very popular abroad now, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen are all internationally renowned with their excellent action movies.


Donnie, as a famous Chinese Kung Fu star, has few works in the international film market, but is still becoming more and more popular internationally, his performance in the film ‘IP Man’ series has won the plaudits from audiences both in China and aboard.


Recently, Donnie Yen updated a new microblogging, forwarding and thanks his fans who had always supported him, the forward content was a video about Donnie Yen’s On-Site Activities in Toronto.


In the Video, you could see the sponsor used the poster of Donnie Yen’s film IP MAN as the background of the screening venue, fully demonstrating the low-key introverted personality of Donnie Yen and his temperament of martial arts, when Donnie Yen appeared at the venue in a sudden, the whole atmosphere was to orgasm, all people cheered, Donnie Yen had absolutely no shelf as an international superstar, giving a very warm feeling to his fans.


It is understood that Donnie Yen was propagating his another Hollywood film' Xxx 3' at the scene, in the film, the role that Donnie Yen played had many fight scenes with Vin Diesel, the leading actor of the film, the fans were looking forward to the impassioned impact between the two people.


From the microblogging, in addition to the domestic fans, there are more than 400 faithful fans who were from Canada and the United States, Wow, it seemed that Donnie Yen had got a lot international fans now, increasing popularity!




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