Kung Fu Star Donnie Yen’s 53rd birthday! Disclosure Donnie Yen’s Growth History

Updated: August 11, 2016

As we know, the July 27th this year was Donnie Yen's 53rd birthday. In the past a dozen years, Kung Fu star Donnie Yen had created one by one classic movies for us, shaping various classic images which had brought the audience indelible memories. So, in this special day, let's take a group photos to share the growth process of this Chinese kung fu star.

Donnie Yen was born on July 27th, 1963 in Guangdong Province, China, he came to Hong Kong when he was 2 years old and then emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts at the age of 11-year-old. Donnie Yen’s mother was a famous international martial arts and tai chi Master, so Donnie Yen could learn Kung Fu when he was just a child, when he growing up in his mother's martial arts atmosphere, Donnie Yen had seen a lot of kung fu films as a child and also learned traditional and modern Chinese Kung Fu, tai chi which had helped him to lay a good foundation of traditional Wushu.


After seeing the work of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and other Kung Fu stars , Donnie Yen used to imitate their actions, and even skip school to see a kung fu movie.


In 1974, Donnie Yen and his family emigrated to the United State, he persisted in studying various martial arts styles. In 1978, Donnie Yen was sent to Beijing Shichahai Sports School to receive two years of training.


In 1987, On the way back to the United States, he passed through Hong Kong and met the director Yuen Woo Ping and then Donnie Yen began a long period of cooperation with the director.


Donnie Yen was playing a role in the film ‘Tiger Cage II’.


During his debut, Donnie played a role in a lot of Hong Kong action films such as ‘New Dragon Gate Inn’, ‘Once Upon a Time in China II’, ‘Hero Among Heroes’……


In addition, Donnie Yen also made TV series, such as the ‘Executioners from Shaolin’ in 1994, and the ‘The Chinese Connection’ in 1995.


After 2000, Donnie Yen had shoot many classic Kung Fu films, such as Zhang Yimou's ‘The Hero’, Tsui Hark’s ‘Seven Swords’, Wilson Yip’s ‘SPL’, ‘Dragon Tiger Gate’, ' IP Man’ series, Peter Chan’s ‘Wu Xia’, gradually established his status in the Chinese action movies.


For Donnie Yen’s personal life, in August 2003, Donnie Yen and Wang Shishi held a low-key romantic wedding after dating for three months, today was their 13th year of marriage, the two people were really the model couple in the entertainment circle.


Now they have a son and a daughter, the whole family is very happy and harmonious.

‘The Hero’


An Empress and the Warriors

Bodyguards and Assassins

14 Blades

The Lost Bladesman

Kung Fu Jungle

Ip Man 3




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