The most talked-about 3 relationships of Donnie Yen

Updated: April 18, 2016

Donnie Yen was born on July 27, 1963 in Guangdong Province, he is a famous Chinese Hong Kong martial artist, film actor and director. Donnie Yen’s mother Bow Sim Mark is the world famous martial artist and an expert in Tai Chi who founded the internationally-known Chinese martial arts institute.


In recent years, Donnie Yen has become a well-known Kung Fu star, his accomplishments on movie field is amazing and incredible, but actually, the most talked-about topic of Donnie Yen is still his relationship and family life.

In 1993, through a friend, Donnie Yen met a girl who worked in the advertising industry called Liang Jingci and in December, 1993, they got married in a hurry, but their marriage lasted only two years, in 1995, his wife chose to divorce, they had a son and the court awarded custody to the child's mother.

In 1995, Donnie Yen played a role as Chenzhen in a TV Drama, then he met a girl called Joey Meng who changed his later life and gave him a unforgettable memory on the whole of his life. At the end of 1995, in a grand celebration ceremony in TVB, Donnie Yen knelt down to make love to Joey Meng, but, their relationship was only last 5 years because the character of them were too similar, then, the once legendary love between them was gradually faded. In 2000, Donnie Yen thought that his road to success in Hong Kong had come to an end, so he decided to return to America which was also the direct cause of their eventual break up.

In 2003, Donnie Yen was invited to participate in a dinner party, and at that party, Donnie Yen met his present wife Cecilia Wang, Cecilia Wang was a Shanghai girl and also won the "Miss Chinese Toronto " Champion, after about 4 days, they started to date, after three months, they got married.


Actually, When talking about the three serious relationship and marriage, Donnie Yen often said he had many mixture feeling about that, in his own words, three marriage and relationship experiences let him know how to give of your love as a man.




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