Jackie Chan’s 5 Performances which are Closest to the "Death "Make People Respected

Updated: March 24, 2017

As a 80s/90s after the youth, Most of them have grown up by watching Jackie Chan’s movies and movie almost all of his movies are thrilling and no lack of humor. However, we may not know that Jackie Chan’s so many classic moments was exchanged with life because there was no doubles, no computer and no high-tech at that time, , With his words to describe, “the life at that time was really very cheap”.


Once he had 5 performance had nearly cost him his life; but every time he could deduce the most wonderful moments.


NO.1. ‘Armour Of God’

When Jackie Chan shoot the film ‘Armour Of God’ in Yugoslavia, the film needed a jump shot into the trees. However, when the shooting began, due to insufficient to estimate affordability of branches, Jackie Chan fell down from the top of 15 meters’ high tree, his head directly hit on the stone, complete unconsciousness amounting to coma and his ear and nose also began to bleed, finally Jackie Chan was sent to a hospital for brain surgery.


NO.2. ‘Police Story’

The second one was took place in shooting the film ‘Police Story’, after you saw this film, you might be impressed by such a lens, at the end of the film's central fight scene, Chan slides down four stories from a metal pole covered in decorative lights and shatters a large pane of glass as he lands. He suffered second-degree burns and a back injury and dislocated his pelvis while filming this particular stunt.


NO.3. ‘Project A’

In the film ‘Project A’, Jackie Chan fell down from the 15-meter-high tower, only two tarpaulin help to decrease the resistance, from the film, you can see that he landed on his head, nearly died.


NO. 4. ‘ Rumble in the Bronx’

In the film ‘Rumble in the Bronx’, Jackie Chan plunged into a less than 2-square- meter room from the roof of a house, without any doubles and protective heel, really very dangerous.

That’s also why we called Jackie Chan as ‘Parkour originator’ .

Because of Jackie Chan’s effort, the film also became the first Hong Kong film that took the top US box office charts.


NO.5. ‘Who Am I’

During shooting the film ‘Who Am I’, Jackie Chan slipping from the 27 - storey commercial building facades in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, although he had dome the protective measures, it was still very dangerous.

While the above was just 5 "death" performance among Jackie Chan’s film career, Jackie Chan had begun his movie career for over 40 years, his action is often flee to the challenges of life.


Jackie Chan's charisma has made countless fans it dumped its status no one can replace. He has always insisted on its own unique style , In this vibrant film for the love he presented a fan of classic .




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