Jackie Chan, the Symbol and Heroic Dream of Chinese Kung Fu Movies

Updated: August 27, 2018

Jackie Chan, who can be said to be one of the most familiar stars to Chinese audience.



As mentioned the word ‘Jackie Chan’, most Chinese people will instinctively felt a kinship, he is the youthful memories of the most 80’s and 90’s.


Maybe we rarely think about how great Jackie Chan is, but he really is.


Last year, AMPAS elected the 4 winner for Oscar lifetime achievement honorary award, Most noticeably of all, Jackie Chan was one of the 4 winners.


As you know, Jackie Chan is the first Chinese to get this award, perhaps it was one small step for Jackie Chan, one giant leap for all of Chinese People who want to enter Hollywood.


Maybe it's too close to call, many people may ignore the existence of Jackie Chan for the significance of the Chinese - language cinema, to a large extent, Jackie Chan is not just a movie star, he is the constant symbol of the Chinese films.


To many foreigners, when they mentioned Chinese movies, the first thought is always Jackie Chan and his movies, and as a actor who always promote the positive energy, Jackie Chan has contributed to establish a positive image of China in the international stage.


1998, is an extremely important year for Jackie Chan.


The release of the film ‘Rush Hour’ made him become the Hollywood super star, this film took seventh in the North American box office at that year, and it also announced the top position of Jackie Chan in Hollywood.


In 2012, Jackie Chan was featured by the New York Times magazine as first one of "Top 20 Kung Fu superstar of the World", So, there is no doubt that Jackie Chan is one of China's most influential and charismatic actor.


He's always special in the Chinese-language film stage, the man who made a lifetime movie with his life, is so cute and also so respectable.




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