The 20 Best Moments in Jackie Chan Films that You Must be Moved

Updated: October 18, 2018

Jackie Chan has been working 40 years in the movie field, he is a international action movie star who has been loved by the audience around the world, as a Kung Fu star, Jackie Chan has enjoyed high prestige in the Chinese World, he is well known by his action movies and has repeatedly broken the Hong Kong film box office records, the box office of the movies that Jackie Chan starred has been more than $10 billion.


In Jackie Chan’s movies, there are usually action-packed and full of fighting. Of course, there is also no shortage of some best and wonderful moments for audiences.


The film ‘Drunken Master’ in 1978, actually, Jackie Chan's success was inseparable from Yuen Woo – ping, at that time, Yuen Woo – ping directed the film ‘Snake In The Eagle's Shadow’ and ‘Drunken Master’, inviting Jackie Chan to star the two movies which let Jackie Chan become a super star speedily.


Jackie Chan was only 24 years old, really very young!


 ‘The Young Master’ in 1980, the was the second work that Jackie Chan directed and starred, during the filming, Jackie Chan was injured and knocked out teeth, leaving this classic moment.


‘Project A’ in 1983.


The film Project A had occupied a very important place in Jackie Chan’s film career, Jackie Chan directed, wrote and starred this film which fully showed his faceted talents.


By this movie, Jackie Chan got the Hong Kong Film Awards best actor nomination, and his stunt team also won the award for best action guide.

The ‘Wheels On Meals’ in 1984.


The ‘Police Story’ in 1985.


The ‘Police story was all about creating a the beginning of the theme series, and also got the quality guaranteed.


By this film, Jackie Chan won the fifth Hong Kong Film Awards Best Film and Best Choreographer and Jackie Chan was also nominated for best director and best actor.


The film 'Armour Of God' in 1987, Jackie Chan and Alan Tam were really very young.


The ‘Project Eagle’ in 1991.


This film was the first step for Jackie Chan film to move toward Internationalization, The film shooting across the three continents(Europe, Asia and Africa). Spent more than $15 million, the film got the biggest investment of the Hong Kong film at that time.


Young Jackie Chan was still omnipotent, the last fragment of a strong wind blowing was still impressive.


The ‘City Hunter’ in 1993. The Hong Kong - style comedy was really impressive.

The ‘Rumble in the Bronx’ in 1995.


The film ‘Rumble in the Bronx’ was Jackie Chan landmark work to break into Hollywood, the film received $32.34 million in ticket sales in the United States.


The film ‘Who Am I’ in 1998, do you remember this moment?

The ‘Shanghai Noon’ in 2000, the influence of Jackie Chan in Hollywood was really very big.

The ‘New Police Story’ in 2004. In the film, Jackie Chan had been already getting older….., he was more that 50 years old.

The film ‘ROB-B-HOOD’ in 2006.

The film was directed by Benny Chan, the action design was extremely strong…….  


The film ‘The Shinjuku Incident’ in 2009.


This was not the style of Jackie Chan, this is Derek Yee's works, the film's themes and significance was more thought-provoking than the main actor Jackie Chan.


The ‘Little Big Soldier’ in 2010


The ‘Chinese zodiac’ in 2012, The film was the 101th of the Jackie Chan film, the film still brought a full sincerity of Jackie Chan action comedy.

Jackie Cha was really old, but a sincere heart to pay for movies has never changed.





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