The “Special Action Comedy”: The Secret of Jackie Chan’s Success

Updated: October 19, 2016

Jackie Chan's action movies have always been known for the Classic, he also liked be hands-on and do the best, it’s easy to find, most of Jackie Chan's action movie has the comedy elements, unlike the real comedy, but also made his own comedy style, we know, Jackie Chan’s action comedy has become many people's memories.


Jackie Chan has almost devoted all of his effort to his movie career.


In 2012, the New York Times published " The 20 Greatest Action Heroes in the History", Jackie Chan ranked first.


Jackie Chan’s works represent the epitome of the Chinese at that era.


Many people have suffered injustice, disappointment and never be able to hold up their head again in reality, but Jackie Chan’s movies had brought us enormous joy and move.


Jackie Chan is an undisputed most influential pioneer in action films.


But what is the secret of success of Jackie Chan's action comedy?


Jackie Chan’s stage of life is starting from a stunt double for the actor Bruce Lee.


Jackie Chan never use the stunt double to do the special effects, so his nose had been broken three times, almost all fingers, Zygomatic bone and the Skull had been broken.


Jackie Chan speaks seven languages, including Cantonese, Putonghua, English, German, Chinese, Japanese and Thai language, he also knew the American Sign Language.


In the film ‘Chinese Zodiac’, Jackie Chan also kept a “special Guinness World Records” for the “various position”, including film writer, director, leading actor, producer, executive Producer, photographer, Co-Artistic Director, stunt director, Props, Gaffer , The theme song singer……


Jackie often did the Asian Version voice for his English version films.  





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