Jet Li Appeared in the Shanghai Airport, His Physical State is Much Better Than Before

Updated: November 3, 2017

Recently, the 54-year-old Jet Li appeared in the Shanghai Airport, He appeared in a plain black clothes, very low-key and seems like a passersby.


Jet Li trot fast at the airport, wearing a black hat, he was not being recognized, very cool, his outlook looks very good, though he also looks a bit tired, his physical state is much better than before.


Jet Li has been terribly sick in recent years, so he can not complete the high load movie action any more, then he disappeared from people's life and also rarely seen on camera.


According to the photos, Jet Li’s face swollen, eyeball protrusion with greying temples, it seems that the injuries, ailments , aches and pains are the story with Jet Li.


In recent years, Although Jet Li is in a bad health condition, he has also been spread the martial spirit to the world, committed to the commonweal. Jet Li style of temperament: stable, the symbol of self-confidence, as well as the more reserved, more deep.




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