Jet Li Remains in a Very Bad Health Condition Now! The Present Situation of His 55-year-old Ex-wife and Beautiful Daughters

Updated: May 27, 2017

When speaking of Jet Li's ex-wife, Huang Qiuyan, we know, it was always a hot topic about this Kung Fu star, Huang Qiuyan was also sent by her parents to learn martial arts since childhood, and she entered the Beijing Wushu Team at the age of 13, at that point, she and Jet Li met each other, well, they are really childhood sweethearts.


The two people also made several films together such as ‘Kids from Shaolin’, ‘Martial arts of Shaolin’, the young Jet Li and Huang Qiuyan, Jet Li is handsome and suave romantic, Huang Qiuyan is pretty as a fairy.


The stage photo of the film ‘Kids From Shaolin’.


The stage photo of Huang Qiuyan in the film ‘Martial Arts of Shaolin’.

In the film ‘Kids From Shaolin’, she played the role as ‘Bao Sanfeng’, and fall in love with Jet Li.


The Bao Sanfeng in the ‘Kids From Shaolin’.


But in real life, Huang Qiuyan had not so strong desire to be a movie star, as early as in 1982, Jet Li broke his leg after filming the movie ’Shaolin Temple’, Huang Qiuyan found her greatest wish was to be with Jet Li and take care of him for a lifetime.


At that time, the doctor said Jet Li was in danger of falling permanently disabled, Huang Qiuyan ran to the hospital almost every day, take care of Jet Li.


In 1987, two people did not notice any relatives or friends in, hastily registration of marriage, nor do any ceremony of marriage, only registered.


Jet Li and his Daughters.


Huang Qiuyan and her daughters.


Of course, since Jet Li met his "true love" Nina Li when filming the movie ‘Dragon in the Horizon’, Jet Li bonds fell in love, so he and Huang Qiuyan‘s marriage only lasted four years.


But because of the failure of the previous marriage, in order to no longer make mistakes, he became more cautious, Jet Li once said to Nina Li: ten years after the feelings of the same, we will get married." Jet Li discovered the true meaning of love, he revealed: "You realize, 'I put myself out there. I can give up my fame and success, give up my status, give up my money. I'm even willing to die for her.' You realize this is love."


Even after their divorce, Jet Li and Huang Qiuyan remained as friends. Hunag Qiuyan maintained an excellent relationship with Jet Li’s mother over the years as well. When Qiuyan remarried in 2005, Jet Li gifted her $50,000 USD as a wedding present.

The recent photo of Huang Qiuyan, she still looks very young, not like a 55 - year-old woman.


The recent photo of Nina Li


The two daughters of Huang Qiuyan and Jet Li had grown up, it seems to be inherited her mother's beauty, very cute. Hope Huang Qiuyan could still enjoy happy life in her old age.


Jet Li’s daughter (Left 1)




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